by Dan Moyer

directed by Jess Chayes

for Lesser America and the Cherry Lane Theatre

It’s difficult, though, to imagine better enactors than the two currently negotiating a precarious bond in this modest premiere.—Time Out NY

Ms. McQuail, a spiky and vivacious actress, lends her husky voice to some sterling comic delivery.—The New York Times

 [Keilly McQuail and Gabriel King] peel away the complex layers of their rich characters with care and bravery. —Theater Reviews Limited

More perfect casting could not be found…the chemistry these actors have is so natural... they bring every moment to life and never let the play fall. --New York Theater Review

[Half Moon Bay] is helped in no small way by the wonderfully rich performances by Mr. King and Ms. McQuail…never for a moment do you doubt the honesty of their portrayals. —Talkin’ Broadway

Keilly McQuail as Annie delivers a rich and empathetic performance.  Ms. McQuail’s luminous stage presence makes her fascinating to watch at all times. –TheatreScene.net