By Greg Pierce

Directed by Kate Whoriskey

For Lincoln Center Theatre/ LCT3

Special note to Joyce Van Patten and Keilly McQuail in the supporting roles of Gram and Mirtis Paima...McQuail is spot-on as Caitlin's Goth admirer.--Deidre Donovan, CurtainUp

 Keilly McQuail is excellent as the paradoxically genial leader of the group. Charles Isherwood, The New York Times

The first-rate cast also includes the eminent Joyce Van Patten as Caitlin’s grandmother and Robbie Collier Sublett as her music tutor...Keilly McQuail infuses even more life into this unsettled household as the leader of a group of Goths…who have taken up residence in the barn to await the birth of Caitlin’s morbid masterpiece. Marilyn Stasio, Variety

 Keilly McQuail gives a nuanced performance as the Goth in charge of the never-seen kids sleeping in the barnTulis McCall, The Front Row Center

[Allison] becomes incensed when a gaggle of gothic groupies, led by Mirtis Paima (the hilarious Keilly McQuail, sporting a vocal fry and bowed head), begin to occupy the family barn at the invitation of her husband. Zachary Stewart, TheatreMania.com